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ello, elli! elli, ello!

ello, elli! elli, ello!

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#art/#history: if brigitte bardot - or even katharine hepburn - had done '77 punk, you might get close to the magnificent medeiros. born in uruguay, elli decided, at the age of 14, to get the hell out of south america & land in paris. six years later, she'd converged with a young guitarist called denis quilliard (jacno) & formed a band, stinky toys, which combined brass & jazz guitars with elli's sometimes snarling/sometimes soothing that was like no other. elli (born #otd in 1956) sang in english, spanish & french - so, she's automatically cooler than most lead singers. but, on top of that, she managed to be elegant & classic, laissez-faire & va te faire foutre. elli has had a revered career in music (going on from stinky toys to form elli & jacno), but she's active in film & design, as well. could she be more perfect? well, yes. she's even vegan. instant invite to my dream dinner party... intrigued? i don't blame you. start with 'for you' &...bon voyage! you're going down the rabbit hole.