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art lasts longer than an expensive dinner

whether you plump for an original or a print, you'll also receive the story behind the image. most of these works were done as part of a project called art/history, so each relates to a specific date. i'm not suggesting that the subject matter isn't sometimes slightly tenuous, but there's always a link. feed your brain & feast your eyes.

dylan's debut

dylan's debut

from 30.00

art/history: #otd in 1961, this unrecognisably fresh-faced lad picked up his guitar; shoved his harmonica in his trouser pocket & made his way to gerde's folk city to warm up the crowd for john lee hooker. i don't know how bob dylan feels about max ernst, but i thought the leaf motif was appropriate somehow for this free spirit. still going strong, bob's poetic lyrics recently earned him the nobel prize in literature. goodo, mate!

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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