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art lasts longer than an expensive dinner

whether you plump for an original or a print, you'll also receive the story behind the image. most of these works were done as part of a project called art/history, so each relates to a specific date. i'm not suggesting that the subject matter isn't sometimes slightly tenuous, but there's always a link. feed your brain & feast your eyes.

dusty pink

dusty pink

from 30.00

art/history: it's a dusty pink sort of day, but this woman's agave tones always bring a sunny warmth with them. i don't suspect she always understood the power of her voice. sensitive, deeply insecure, fierce, funny & compassionate (she loved non-human animals & supported animal protection organisations), dusty springfield (born #otd in 1939) was unafraid to be true to herself. in 1970, she talked frankly about her bisexuality. she had no qualms & felt no shame about admitting this & the gay community clasped her to its collective bosom. a giant talent, she could make any song hers. nobody sings brel's 'ne me quitte pas' better than he did...apart from dusty. cancer took her away in 1999, but her lungs are immortal.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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