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#art/#history: you may not recognise this southpaw polymath, but you'll know how much richer this planet was for his 49-year presence on it. at some point, you'll enjoy or have enjoyed the fruits of his fanciful flights. after all, he bestowed upon us the meaning of life. no spoilers. after monty python (in whose 'flying circus' he made an appearance & was one of only two non-pythons to write for the show), douglas adams - who came hurtling through the galaxy #otd in 1952 - was the main influence on my nascent sense of humour. yes, i used to have one of those & when i was a kiddie, i'd write absurd vignettes that i deluded myself into thinking were actually as sophisticated as 'hitchhiker's guide' or (latterly) 'the long dark tea-time of the soul'. they were not. what sets douglas apart from straight sci-fi is his exploration of emotion & the human condition. he wasn't afraid to blend a serious message with a surreal situation that somehow stayed connected to terrestrial matters. makes sense, too, as he was driven by a profound respect for our home marble. sigh-fi! all this goodness &, what's more, without the need for god. what a dude.

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