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too fucking busy

too fucking busy

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#art/#history: being the grande dame of glib & the flapper of flippancy may be her enduring legacy, but dorothy parker - who was born #otd in 1893 - had a heart as generous as her wit was sharp & ready. in spite of an unhappy upbringing, dorothy developed an acute self-awareness that she channelled into poetry. by 20, she'd sold her first poem to 'vanity fair' - which was to be the domino that activated an illustrious career. hollywood soon proved a shameless siren & wooed her with tidy sums for screenwriting. as much as she enjoyed her tipple, she never squandered her fortune on self-medication. in the years up to & during the second world war, dorothy wholeheartedly embraced the struggle for civil rights & served as chair of the joint anti-fascist rescue committee. left leaning, she helped to organise rescue missions for loyalist veterans & spanish children's relief. to her last, she let her conscience guide her. the NAACP & MLK jr were benefactors of the bon mot babe's will when she died of a heart attack at the age of 73. her suggested epitaph? 'excuse my dust'.

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