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doris doesn't want to hear it

doris doesn't want to hear it

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art/history: doris day is hip to your shit. she's been through enough in her life - from being exploited, overworked & ripped off by her 'manager' husband to losing her beloved son - so she doesn't need yours. a tough cookie with a soft centre, this talented human could delight with her comic timing & then turn round & yank your heart out with a gut wrenching role in a hitchcock film. as her acting days waned, this vegetarian devoted herself to animal activism. morrissey stole her t-shirt! way back in the 70s, she wore one that said 'be kind to animals or i'll kill you'. do me a favour. go listen to 'move over darling' & celebrate her birth #otd in 1922, 'cause i think she hung the stars.

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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