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parlez de parlo - et renoir

parlez de parlo - et renoir

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#art/#history: arguably, my avatar for tonight's subject is better known than the person she represents. dita parlo has influenced both madonna & dita von teese, so...yes, she's iconic. her relevance to jean renoir (who died #otd in 1979) is that she starred in one of his greatest films, 1937's 'la grande illusion', in which she portrays a german woman who offers refuge to jean gabin's WWI lieutenant. the plot explores class relationships & the futility of war, but that's as far as i'm gonna' go - other than to say that it was one of two 'desert island' films cited by orson welles. director jean renoir issued from artistic lines (his father was painter, pierre-auguste) & it's all over his films. from what's considered one of the first films noir ('la bete humaine') to the banned-in-france satire, 'la regle du jeu', renoir always imbued his work with sharp wit, complex humanity, breathtaking artistry & acute social observation. a pacifist & a communist, renoir left a wealthy legacy of warmth & sumptuous visual that shan't likely be equalled.