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dick by name, not nature

dick by name, not nature

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#art/#history: i cannot believe it's been a year since this chaotic rainbow of a human being left us on this rock to fend for ourselves. dick gregory gets all the colours - not only because he persuaded so many people (myself amongst them) to consider veganism, but also because he drained a bit of vibrancy from our world when he departed on 19th august. i wanted to draw him as soon as i read the terribly shitty news of his passing, but i had no access to my art provisions. what a character...light years ahead of everyone in terms of social justice & civil rights. let's all programme this bit of DG sagacity into our hearts & minds: 'because i'm a civil rights activist, i am also an animal rights activist. animals & humans suffer & die alike. violence causes the same pain, the same spilling of blood, the same stench of death, the same arrogant, cruel & vicious taking of life. we shouldn't be a part of it.'

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