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skanking with desmond

skanking with desmond


art/history: ask me if this is eddie murphy & i shall delivereth a sharpish virtual smack to the side of your face. threats aside, my cliched colour splash should provide a clue as to this legend's identity. as a young jamaican, this devoutly religious lad enjoyed singing hymns at church. indeed, his first recordings were almost parables. later, working with the maytals on island records, he became entrenched in rude boy culture & changed his name to desmond dekker. with 1968's 'the israelites', his career ignited & he's now intrinsically linked with the stiff, rhino & trojan labels for his ska, reggae, mod & rocksteady hits ('007 shanty town', 'it mek', 'problems'). he went away in 2006, aged 64...but let's stand up & do a little skank for desmond adolphus dacres, born #otd in 1941.

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