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debbie does natural

debbie does natural


art/history: she's the punk rock marilyn monroe & the yank version of elli medeiros (herself, french elegance personified)...but my affections for the luminous debbie harry (born #otd in 1945) lie with her vulnerability. contrary to her oft-times tough & v-flicking exterior, she wasn't born on a cloud of fluffy cotton wool. at the age of three months, she was adopted by an unassuming pair of new jersey shopkeepers. despite never knowing her biological parents, she forged her own way in the wide world. after earning an associate of arts degree, she danced, sang & (presumably) took meeting minutes until 1974, when she met her chris stein shaped destiny. need i go on? i'm reasonably certain that anyone over the age of 25 can name at least 10 blondie hits. they had so many belters 'cause there's only one debbie harry - & she has it all.


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