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take stockwell in losey

take stockwell in losey

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#art/#history: what does dean stockwell have to do with today's date? the clue's in the hair colour. he was in one of my favourite films - 1948's 'the boy with green hair', which was a gentle anti-war, political allegory - that was directed by joseph losey, who'd today have celebrated his 110th anniversary of life. losey was a good'un. how can we be confident of this? well, he was relentlessly pursued by the house un-american committee because of his association with radicals & left-leaners to the point that losey chose permanent exile in europe making films (under the pseudonym, victor hanbury) with luminaries such as harold pinter & dirk bogarde over returning to almost assured unemployment in hollywood. as much as i loathe the phrase 'blessing in disguise', i think that's what this last phase of his life was. he made some stellar films over on this side of the pond - particularly, 'the servant', 'the go-between' & 'king & country'. in spite of his native country's blacklisting, joseph losey was not bitter. of it, he said, 'without it i would have three cadillacs, two swimming pools & millions of dollars - & i'd be dead. it was terrifying, it was disgusting...but you can get trapped by money and complacency. a good shaking up never did anyone any harm.'

take stockwell