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legion of lynch

legion of lynch

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#art/#history: montana breeds weird. as someone who - like tonight's subject - was born there, i speak from experience. its stark landscapes & sparse populations probably have something to do with its peculiar blend of independence & conservative isolationism. he didn't actually live there for long, but that place is hard to shake. you can feel his roots in his most famous works: 'twin peaks', 'blue velvet' (for which, i have the sneaking suspicion, he may have used his own ear as a model for the ant-covered field-dweller of the opening scene) 'eraserhead'...that small-town corruption, those secrets, local log ladies. he's also been influenced by distant lands: france & its film kings tati, rivette, godard & cocteau. in fact, david lynch (born #otd in 1946) is a rare american who holds the legion d'honneur.

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