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in the name of vanian

in the name of vanian

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art/history: sometimes, when i'm listening to 'neat neat neat' or 'love song', i can't quite believe that mellifluous baritone comes from such an angelic face. i do believe that he's the gothfather - the progenitor of this timeless phantasmal fashion. there's no artifice with mr lett, though. he still lives & breathes another world, savouring - as he does - film noir, renaissance art & horror. when he first began to make a name for himself, the NME quipped that he resembled a runaway from the addams family...as if that's a bad thing! dave vanian (born #otd in 1956) remains alluringly enigmatic by keeping his personal life rather cosy & quiet. dreamy.


original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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