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love for glover

love for glover

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#art/#history: when my friend, kelly, was a bit younger, she was taken by the film, 'lethal weapon' - &, although i think it's because she had a little something called smitten for mel gibson (this was before he unfurled his truest fugly colours), i'd like to think that danny glover (born #otd in 1946) would beguile her now. am i the last person to know how literally rad he is? not only did he involve himself in the black panthers' free breakfast for children programme, but he protested the vietnam war & has latterly supported both migrant workers & the occupy movement. kinda' makes me want to dust off me old vhs & hunker down for a 'lethal weapon' binge. on second thought, maybe i'll spend a few years working through his impressive filmography.

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