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the ballad of balavoine

the ballad of balavoine

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#art/#history: don't be francois mitterand. don't raise the ire of the innocent face you see before you. a fair-minded, would-be politician-cum-popstar, he was unafraid to stand for justice & to support workers' rights. after success in michel berger's 'starmania', he channelled his passion through lyrics - with the help of his loyal fairlight synthesiser. 'tous les cris, les SOS', 'vivre ou survivre' & 'le chanteur' cemented his legacy in france as a consummate lyricist. his television confrontation in 1980 with mitterand over the treatment of french youth was legendary & he spent the rest of his life engaged in humanitarian undertakings. one such excursion - to build water wells in africa - led to his death #otd in 1986 in a helicopter crash. if you've never heard daniel balavoine sing, you're missing a singular voice in pop. (plus, he looks like the grown-up version of danny from 'the shining'.)

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