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chrissie: never behind

chrissie: never behind

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art/history: is this face the most beautiful 'fuck off!' ever? behind those precious lips await a snarl & some acerbic lyrics floating off golden melodies. she took her lover's castoffs & transformed them ('i go to sleep', 'stop your sobbing') by giving them a different voice...pushing new emotions from their words. akron-born, but an outward-looking anglophile in her bones, she went with the wind & wrote for the NME whilst trying to finagle a marriage proposal that would win british citizenship. when that proved temporarily fruitless, she slumped off to france & played in the frenchies. punk beckoned her back to blighty, though, & three lads from hereford who proved the perfect partners. the pretenders were unfurled, fresh & original. chrissie hynde (born #otd in 1951) has pissed me off with some of her opinions, of course, but she's strong of mind & soft of heart. that tough exterior's just a cover that i'll happily blow. vegetarian for, like, ever & always ready to use her celebrity to speak out for the vulnerable, chrissie's a shining star.

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