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cher-ing is caring

cher-ing is caring

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#art/#history: so, i was doing my research for international women's day, trying to find a link between someone spectacular & the actual date of 8 march &...well, life loves to vomit little surprises, doesn't it? #otd in 1990, cher won a dubious award (from rolling stone magazine) for 'worst dressed' & i ruminated to myself, 'i'll bet when she was told about it, she chuckled smokily & thought, 'i don't give a fuck.' this process tickled me & sent me down memory road as i scrambled to refamiliarise myself with cher's shenanigans. i remembered that my very first best friend, amy, loved cher. at the age of eight, her dearest possession was her cher doll - & i know that the reason for that is because amy was from the blackfeet nation & didn't want a doll who was blonde & blue-eyed. cher was strong, talented & unique. that's why amy liked her...& that's why i admired cher, too. sifting through her first few albums today, i was again struck by the quality of her voice. her ability to navigate genres is quite breathtaking & she does it all with such alacrity & aplomb. her cover of dalida's 'parlez-moi de lui' is stunning. she's fierce, opinionated, unafraid - a loving, accepting mother; a vegetarian & advocate for non-humans; a vocal critic of 45; an LGBT ally & an active participant of habitat for humanity. know what i love best about writing this this tribute? she doesn't care what i say about her. she'll be who she wants to be.

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