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cesar's salads

cesar's salads

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#art/#history: 'we must respect all life without exception. the basis for peace is respecting all creatures. we know we cannot defend or be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them - in the name of science, exploiting them in the name of sport, exploiting them in the name of fashion &, yes...exploiting them in the name of food.' cesar chavez (born #otd in 1927) broke the mould wide open. he seems to have emerged from the womb ripe & ready for protest - & ready to defend the most vulnerable. along with dolores huerta, he founded the national farm workers association (which became united farm workers, or ufw). its aim was to promote the american labour movement & urge hispanic people to engage, enroll & fight peaceably for their rights. until 1952, he toiled in the fields & saw how latino farm workers were mistreated. cesar took up the mantle & began to encourage mexican americans to register & vote. he supported the delano grape strike, the salad bowl strike & numerous other actions that agitated for fair wages. cesar indefatigably spent the rest of his life helping others to win legal protection. remember him when you're enjoying your fresh fruit & veg.

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