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a bit of bruce

a bit of bruce

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art/history: anyone who knows me well will be looking at this & thinking, 'hell's she drawn him? she's never liked his music. she used to call him loose gangrene.' well, i do actually have a soft spot (thanks, as ever, to big brother's record collection) for his 1975 opus, 'born to run'. the thing's this, too: he's always seemed to have a sharp mind & a big heart for the underdogs of this world. he's a champion of those who really make the earth turn - a working class hero. who else could have written a song so critical of his country's treatment of its war fodder, but that most people think is the second national anthem of the united states? he's been a critical thinker & political activist all these years. besides, any fan of woody guthrie is my friend. chapeau, mr bruce #springsteen - born #otd in 1949.

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