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initialise BB

initialise BB

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art/history: b initials, b initials, b initials bb! she's a controversial choice, i know, but she's such a rebel. on balance, i (tentatively) think the good (champion for non-humans, vegetarian, fearless in her criticism of politicians who deny climate change) outweighs the bad (dodgy views about immigration & islam, controversial remarks about gay men - though she has insisted that they've been her 'support, friends, adopted children & confidants'). beautiful iconoclast, we will never truly know you. maybe we'd have had a glimpse of another of your mercurial facets if you'd done that film with the beatles. what a collaboration that would have been. don't forget: girl could sing! however frustrating your views, i admire your adamantine will. HB, brigitte bardot - born #otd in 1934.

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fine art print on cotton paper:
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