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brian's maygical hands

brian's maygical hands


art/history: a day late & a sixpence short, because yesterday...i ruined the sensitive virtuoso & wouldn't post the resulting disaster. brian may has been a companion of mine since i was aged nine. he may even be responsible for my (harmless) hand fetish. i could forever watch his spider leg fingers - deft & delicate - flit across the fretboard of his red special. guitarist, keen photographer, astrophysicist, vegan, decent human being. he is all. i'd never have believed you if you'd told me - when i was ensconced in my bedroom, headphones clapped tightly onto my ears - listening to 'sheer heart attack' for the 30th time that day, i'd be stood mere feet from him in the old town hall in my tiny english village listening to him decry the badger cull. but i was & it was surreal. i didn't tell him, though. if i had a majestically curly barnet, i'd be waving it about in honour of mr may (born 19 july, 1947).

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