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boy & fred got high

boy & fred got high

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art/history: i'm rather living vicariously through birthday boy, george. round the time this reference photo was taken, i was taking sartorial cues from #boy george (enormous straw hats, cropped trousers, ugly shoes & improbable amounts of colourful eye makeup that he pulled off much better than i did - or do) & i was still mightily enamoured of freddie mercury. i'll just pretend it is i there beside him. alas, no. george earned his place alongside mr mercury. by the time he was in his teens, boy was already honing the persona that would cause a sharp intake of collective breath by the music industry - much to the chagrin & anxiety of pious middle america. somehow, in spite of initial redneck prejudice against him, he won everyone round with his charm & his catchy melodies. lad could throw some shapes, too, back in the...since his days at the top of the pop charts, the karma chameleon has had his ups & downs. he perseveres. he persists. he's still making music. i salute george alan o'dowd, born #otd in 1961. meanwhile, i'd love to have eavesdropped on his & fred's confabulation. they look high as fook in this picture.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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