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tea & toast with boris

tea & toast with boris

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/#history - #inktober: some of you may deem this a bit 'cheaty', but i couldn't resist the opportunity to illustrate the magnificent boris karloff - &, in spite of my disdain for greetings card holidays, i seized the day in order to celebrate something that means the world to me. 200 years ago, in 1818, mary shelley's 'frankenstein' was published for the first time (disgracefully, not under her name). although her story has never been given the cinema treatment it bloody well merits, in 1931, karloff embodied the creature as no one else can. he had said that he had a great fondness for the character & it's obvious that he understood the emotional fragility & alienation that lay at the core of shelley's baby. there was something vulnerable in his eyes. do you see it?

cuppa tea & me?