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you bet she's different

you bet she's different

from 35.00

/#history: that adage - however fallacious - that there's always a great woman behind a great man proves true for betty davis. no, that's not an error: our galaxy made room for two spectacular BDs - & if it weren't for this miss (born #otd in 1945), miles davis may have stagnated. betty introduced him to hendrix, psychedelia & sly & the family stone. she influenced him to experiment with reverb & multitracking, too, so, of course, she had to grace the cover of his new-sound album, 'filles de kilimanjaro'. before miles, she wrote 'uptown (to harlem)' for the chambers brothers. after miles, she wrote & recorded three of the ballsiest funk fusion LPs you'll ever hear - if you can find 'em. in the grooves, you can hear the liberated sexuality, the refusal to adhere to norms of race or gender. betty made people uncomfortable but mesmerised - & then she all but disappeared.

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