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be more bertrand

be more bertrand

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#art/#history: if you are now or are ever likely to be an old, white dude…be like bertrand russell (who died on this day in 1970) & be a decent human being. in spite of his privileged upbringing, bertrand was a social critic & political activist - in addition to being a nobel laureate, historian, writer & methematician. his parents were unorthodox & young bertrand held fast to their ideals of secularism, atheism & reproductive rights for women.
at the dawn of the first world war, he found himself vociferously lecturing against US involvement &, as a result, he was imprisoned for six months. untroubled, he used the consequent solitude to write ‘introduction to mathematical philosophy’.
there’re loads more of russell’s virtues i could extoll, but let's just give thanks to wales for producing this genius. i’ll leave you with a couple of his most poetic & pithy epigrams:

‘many people would rather die than think. in fact, most do.’


everything he wrote in his essay, 'in praise of idleness'.

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