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beatrix, meet peter

beatrix, meet peter

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art/history: there's something in the elements of northern england that engenders a natural creativity. that area of the world has been churning out artistic genius for centuries - & in multiple disciplines, from science to art. today's subject mastered most of them. she was a writer, illustrator, natural scientist & conservationist. her well-observed watercolours of fungi earned her the respect of mycologists, but she was in her thirties before she published her first children's book. its proceeds (combined with money bequeathed to her by an aunt) enabled her to buy & preserve a good portion of land in the lake district. generous of spirit, she left most of her accumulated property to the national trust so that it could be enjoyed by the public. i do hope that beatrix potter, born #otd in 1866, would have a twinkle in her eye were she to see the bunny ears i've added to her head.

original drawing:
fine art print on cotton paper:
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