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amelie's epiphany

amelie's epiphany

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#art/#history: here's the moment just before her life's work came clearly into sharp relief...amelie's epiphany. can't you feel her heart escaping through those noisette eyes? no spoiler alerts. if you've not yet seen 'le fabuleux destin d'amelie poulain' (or 'amelie', released in france #otd in 2001), why the hell not? from its sublime soundtrack by yann tiersen - which is equal parts yearning melancholy & grin-inducing, heart-swelling, sundrenched quirk - to the perfect cast & cinematography, this film will not leave you alone...unless, of course, you're irritated by it (in which case, what the fuck is your personality flaw & who hurt you?). as uplifting as 'amelie' ultimately is, it never slips into syrup. times are hard for dreamers & amelie poulain teaches us that we sometimes need to marry our imagination with action.