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lorde, she was good!

lorde, she was good!

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#art/#history: 'caring for myself is not self-indulgence. it is self-preservation - & that is an act of political warfare.' these is a message that we all need in these precarious times. fascism is rearing its shitty face. authoritarian leaders are squirming into high offices around the globe. the planet is on fucking fire...so let's all take some much needed succour from audre lorde's sagacious utterings. audre was all the good things (writer, feminist, LIBRARIAN, civil rights activist) & she screeched into being (on mean wheels rather than as a banshee) #otd in 1934. in the 58 years before liver cancer dragged her away from this world, audre wrote & spoke & fought for peace, love & understanding - about gay rights, women's power, black feminism, race & class. she broke down the 'isms' & explained how it's the pervasive idea that privilege is a mythical norm (in the states, that's white, thin, male, young, heterosexual, christian & financially secure. sound familiar?) that leads to feelings of superiority, which conveys the right to rule over everyone outside of the norm. i bet she'd see the state of things today & tell us how far we have yet to travel.

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