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long live the queen of soul

long live the queen of soul

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art/#history: as undeniably legendary as she is, it was 'the blues brothers' film in 1980 that really thrust aretha franklin into my consciousness as a person who was relevant to my generation. that's some embarrassing admission. after all, i'd heard her voice countless times - whilst stargazing with my childhood pal, karla, funnily enough - by then & had just dismissed her as a fading 60s star. ah, but did i perk up & take notice when she performed 'respect' alongside jake & elwood. once aretha planted her feet firmly under my curiosity table, it didn't take me long to clock what an exceptional human being she was. yes, her voice is irreplaceable - but it's her quiet pursuit of equality & fair treatment (she provided financial assistance to civil rights legends like angela davis & MLK jr) that i'll never forget.
(shame about all the animals you wore, though, aretha. you were fallible after all.)

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