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are you a fan of anna?

are you a fan of anna?

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art/history: okay, go easy on me. i've had over a week off drawing & i've got a stinking cold - which, i hasten to add - is nowt to do with paris. the weather there was fiiiine. i'll make my written homage to godard's danish muse sweet-but-brief. so determined was this dynamo to leave the country of her birth, she arrived in paris at the age of 17...impoverished & without a shred of french in her lexicon. happily, she owned a face that could save her & was offered modelling work, including an advert for palmolive that led godard to her door. she declined the role he initially proffered, as it involved a nude scene & set jean-luc straight about what she'd been wearing (a swimming costume) underneath all those palmolive bubbles. her refusal didn't dissuade the director: the very next year (1960), her acting career ignited fortuitously with 'le petit soldat'. since then, she's played all sorts of rebels, outcasts & oddballs. my personal favourites are 'alphaville', 'pierrot le fou' & 'anna' - the latter in which she sings two numbers that are quintessentially gainsbourg ('roller girl' & 'sous le soleil exactement'). incidentally, the entire soundtrack is ace. the duet between serge & jean-claude brialy on 'un poison violent, c'est l'amour' is worth the cost of admission. what's anna karina, my one-letter-less name twin, doing these days, having succeeded in modelling, acting, singing & literature? well, i hope she's celebrating being born #otd in 1940.

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