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alan & albert

alan & albert

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/#history: creative folk & their alter egos, eh? here's another pairing, who - much like francois truffaut & jean-pierre leaud in 'les 400 coups' - were stitched tightly together by cinema, each author hand-picking the actor who'd represent him. i can't imagine alan sillitoe (born #otd in 1928) as the jack the lad lothario portrayed by albert finney in 'saturday night & sunday morning', but there are parallels...apparently - & they weren't just nottingham or the raleigh bicycle factory. what's fabulous about sillitoe is that he was rather chaotic. he left school when he was 14; pantsed about in the royal air force for a bit; lived in spain & then in france; was typecast as one of the 'angry young men' of british literature, but turned his pen to children's books & - coolest of all - accepted an invitation from the soviet union to speak about workers rights. during his talk, he decried the country's human rights abuses. damn, alan...where are you now?

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